In Italy, in every town and city, one often goes to church, but not as often as one would go to a bar. Friends, looking their best, would mingle over a glass (or two) of Negroni or Spritz from afternoon into evening. Of course, all this imbibing and socialising are always accompanied by light snacks to open your appetite. Afterwards, they would go to a trattoria and enjoy a plate of carbonara with a bottle of local wine. The night is still young, so return to a bar for some digestivo and casual talk with the bartender is always around the corner.

This is the Italian art of having a good time, and from the same team that brings you Vesper (NO. 11 in ASIA'S 50 BEST BARS 2020 & NO. 62 in THE WORLD'S 50 BEST BARS 2020), we bring you 1919 Italian Bar & Restaurant to celebrate this time-honored culture. Next door to Vesper, we are pleased to meet you.  Salute!



1919 is the year the much-loved Negroni cocktail has been created in Florence, Italy.  Exactly 100 years has passed and the drink has gone from strength to strength.  As such, '1919' Italian bar & Restaurant is a tribute to both this most magical concoction, and to Italy, the country that invented the drink. 

Behind the bar is Group Bar Manager and Negroni maestro, Supawit ‘Palm’ Muttarattana (winner of Campari Bartender Competition Asia 2019).  He will present you with drinks menu inspired by the many variations of Negroni as well as cocktails inspired by Italian ingredients.  

1919 is proud to collaborate with Gruppo Campari as the one and only Campari flagship bar in Thailand. 



In bars in Italy, it’s frowned upon to drink with an empty stomach, and we intend to respect this tradition.   Our Sardinian-born Chef-partner Francesco Deiana presents menu of classic & comfort Italian dishes, albeit with his personal touch.  Some of the highlights include: truffle pizzetta with slow cooked egg and butter; Braised-till-tender then baked wild boar lasagna; and Chargrilled Wagyu marble 5 Florentine steak.  Additionally, we have bar snacks including assortments of premium Italian cold cuts & cheese as well as fresh oysters.  Now, that would certainly go well with your Negroni.